3.2.2 Project Scope Management

The Project Scope Management Knowledge Area has six processes, also shown in Figure 3-6:

  • Plan Scope Management (Planning process group)
  • Collect Requirements (Planning process group)
  • Define Scope (Planning process group)
  • Create WBS (Planning process group)
  • Validate Scope (Monitoring and Controlling process group)
  • Control Scope (Monitoring and Controlling process group)

project scope management knowledge area processes

The Project Scope Management knowledge area is concerned with defining (and monitoring) ALL the project and product work and ONLY the work needed to complete the project successfully[1].  There is a misconception among many to define the scope of the project in terms of man hours or its budget.  The project scope consists of the actual scope project work as well as the product of the project.

Due to the progressive elaboration nature of the project management discipline, the processes in this knowledge area are highly interactive and iterative and would be revisited frequently during the course of the project.

Since change in any of the triple constraints (Time, Cost, Scope) would affect the others the Project Scope Management knowledge area is a critical area of the business to continually manage and control.  The WBS is an integral skeleton in which the cost and time knowledge areas come together.

The following graph contains all the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs for the project scope management knowledge area:

[1] It is very important to distinguish and account for both the project work and the work necessary for producing the product of the project (commonly known as Project work and Product [of the project] work).

project scope management knowledge area overview


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