impetopia delivers high quality and cost effective training to organizations in the U.S. and Canada. As part of our philosophy, we believe in simplifying the complex teachings and frameworks of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), and provide customized solutions to your specific company needs with real life application through practical training. That is why we have created a diverse, customizable curriculum enabling organizations to focus on the competencies applicable to their business environment. Whether classroom or simulation based training, we give organizations the ability to target the learning for faster, more effective results.

5 Common Project Management Mistakes To Avoid

telephone-586268_640As a project manager, there are always little hiccups that come along with different projects. Unfortunately, these problems can disrupt the entire project, causing delays and even a total failure in some instances.

The upside is that several of these mistakes are avoidable. Often times, problems can be avoided right from the start as well. Before you start your next project, keep in mind these 5 common project management mistakes that you should avoid. Continue reading “5 Common Project Management Mistakes To Avoid”

Is PMP® Certification Worth It?

pmp certified2One thing that project managers struggle with at some point in their career is whether or not they should get PMP® certified. Putting in the necessary hours to study for, and take the PMP® examination requires effort. But will the time and money you spend result in enough of a benefit for it to be worth it?

If you’re one of the many project managers that has been wondering “is it worth getting PMP® certified?” then you’ll want to read on. Here are some of the top advantages of getting PMP® certification. Continue reading “Is PMP® Certification Worth It?”