The Secrets That Will Help You Earn More PDUs

Everyone out there, you and me included, is working hard to earn a clean Project Management Professional certificate. Earn PDUsAnd in order to maintain the Project Management certificate, you are required to average 60 Professional Development Unit’s (PDUs) for every 3 years. You really want to earn the 60 PDUs and since it might be a challenging task, keep reading for excellent tips and ways you can make it through.

Convert CEU’s to PDUs

Did you know that Continuing Education (CE) can also be submitted as a PDU; a similar case to Formal Academic Training? And for every Continuing Education Unit (CEU’s), you can convert it to an average of 10 PDUs. However, if you need to earn the 10 PDUs, then you have to confirm strictly that the course of your choice lines with ANSI/IACET 1-2007, which must entail and connect to project management.

Take PMI tests

Ever knew that by taking the quizzes, which are found in the PMI magazine, you can earn 30% of your PDUs? With a few bucks ($10) you can register and be a member. And have I mentioned that by scoring either 80% or more, you can earn an average of 0.5-2.5 PDUs? However, the average PDUs earning range will depend on the specific quiz you are handling or even the CCR requirement.

Provide Volunteer service

Earning a single PDUs for every hour to most is a building-caisson-on-the-air idea, but if you need it, here is the secret; just volunteer for any local project management association. However, you will require a letter of acknowledgement from the organization indicating your participation.

Choose the PDUs Podcast

Did you know that you could earn many Categories PDUs from the PDU Podcast? With a single subscription, you will have the benefit to enjoy a fresh and unique content that will be reliably delivered each month regularly. And with PDU Podcast, did you know you could earn PDUs at any place and time?

Go for formal academic training

There are Project Management formal educational courses available, but although one has to incur a cost, did I mention that you could earn an average of 10 or more PDUs every semester? Alternatively, you can go to a local college within the community for their Project management courses which are cheap compared to the private institutions.

Use your daily Job

Ever knew that if you are a project manager, you can easily earn almost PDUs amounting to 25%? And if you have been a practitioner for any project management for at least 6 months, have a look at this; you can earn at least five PDUs in every year. As a practitioner, by the end of three years, will you not have accumulated 15 PDUs or more? Use your earning point as a tool to earning more PDUs.

Use the self-study to earn more PDU

If you enjoy reading publications, and for those that are relevant and connecting to project management, did you know that you could use the knowledge acquired to claim for a single PDU for every hour you spent reading? You can also watch videos and earn more PDUs. Take the opportunity and use the formal discussions with either your friends or customers to earn more than 30 PDUs.

If you’re looking forward to earning 60 PDUs, specifically for your re-certification, it’s only through using the above tips and tricks that will help get you on the right track. By implementing the above tips, you are good to go.

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