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In today’s high-tech world, just about any job requires Excel skills. Microsoft Excel can be tricky, most people can format cells and apply formulas, but few can do it in a way that helps their boss see what point they’re trying to prove. Plenty of people can present data visually but few can present and manage data in an engaging and efficient way.

If your current or future job requires you to manage data and processes, would you feel confident in your ability to do it? Simply put, can you maneuver expertly around a spreadsheet?free microsoft excel course

Here’s your chance to become an expert with Microsoft Excel by taking this limited-time FREE online course and advance in your career.

  • Learn how to build robust superstar Excel systems
  • Increase your speed and efficiency by using shortcuts, formulas, and techniques from the course created by an IT & business professional with more than two decades of global experience
  • Write macros, complicated formulas, filters/sorting, and manage data with Excel
  • Quick 3 week course, this course is priced at $185, you get this course for FREE*
  • After you finish the course, you will receive a complimentary account for a 30 day professional project management training course (PMP®) valued at $120 and one student will win a flip camcorder


This is a one-time limited time offer. To qualify for the FREE course you must sign up by October 10th at the latest. The course will start on October 15th.


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