What Makes a Good Project Manager?

In any business, having a good project manager is essential in order for things to run smoothly and to ensure that various standards and practices are upheld. good project managerThe ability to bring together separate parts of the project and create a unified whole that works as intended is no small task and requires a special set of skills and qualities. Let’s go over what makes a good project manager so that you can pick the right individual for the job.

A Good Communicator

Communication is key at all levels of a business but when it comes to project management it is absolutely critical. A project manager must be able to inform everyone working on a project of the goals, deadlines, and standards they must meet. On top of this, the project manager must also be able to take information from one area of the project and ensure that it is passed along to other areas if necessary. They should also foster communication between departments.


A good project manager will run things by a system of delegation. Since the project manager can’t be everywhere at once, he or she will need to appoint others to perform various tasks and report in when necessary. This is in contrast to a poor project manager who will run things via abdication, which is to say, without properly monitoring the performance of the various individuals working on the project.

Problem Solving

There will always come a time during a project in which the project manager will be called upon to solve various problems. This can include problems between different departments and/or individuals. This being the case, the project manager must be able to quickly and efficiently choose a solution to be implemented. A project manager must be decisive but must also ensure that his or her decisions are the most logical and efficient for any given situation.

Goal Oriented

One of the major responsibilities of a project manager is to ensure that each team, department, and individual working on the project has clearly defined goals to work towards. Since it is the project manager who is going to be putting all the pieces together he or she must ensure that each facet of the project is completed. This is done so that everything is able to fit together to form the larger whole and meet the overall goals of the project.

Leads by Example

As with any good leader, a project manager must set the standard for those working under him or her and live up to it every day. In order to inspire good behavior and productiveness from the various individuals involved in a project, the project manager has to show them that he or she is willing to do his or her part.

Staying Positive

Morale is important for any project. A project leader who decreases morale by being overly negative and critical will affect the quality of the entire project. Being able to stay positive under all circumstances even when it isn’t easy is a critical trait of a good project manager who strives to get the best out of those under him or her.


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