3.2.5 Project Quality Management (3 Processes)

The Project Quality Management Knowledge Area is composed of three processes, also shown in Figure 3-12:

  • Plan Quality Management (Planning process group)
  • Perform Quality Assurance (Executing process group)
  • Control Quality (Monitoring and Controlling process group)

project quality management knowledge area processes

The Project Quality Management knowledge area is concerned with conforming to quality standards for both the project processes as well as the project’s final product.  Be mindful of the difference between quality assurance process in the executing process group and the quality control in the monitoring and controlling process group.   The perform quality assurance is an ongoing continuous efforts in improving the conformance to the quality whereas the quality assurance from the monitoring and controlling process group is focused on inspection of the deliverables (for both project and product work) and recommending corrective action if necessary.

The following graph contains all the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs for the project quality management knowledge area:

project quality management knowledge area overview

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