Creating a Successful Working Environment

  1. Emphasis on Communication

New reports are coming out that 75% of employers value collaborative teamwork and communication in the workplace. Out of the workforce, 97% claimed that the inner workings of the group environment directly reflected on the end result or product they were creating. In layman’s terms, the flow of communication and emphasis on clarity within a work setting is directly reflected on the work that you do. If your communication with colleagues is bad, the work you perform together will be bad. In the same light, executives that can’t communicate the bigger picture fall short of what they could achieve with proper project management.

Successful Work Environment


  1. Management and Leaders

Some of the greatest leaders from today are also people of great power within the managerial department. You have to convince your staff to go to war with you and tackle the marketplace head on. Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple, was quoted as saying “I’m not here to boss people around. I’m simply the person that reiterates the vision we have. I’m here to point the ship in the right direction and remind people of our end goal.”

When the management staff and the employees work in unison for a common goal, greatness can be achieved and a copacetic work environment is established.


  1. Seekers of Talent

One of the most critical project management skills one needs to acquire is the ability to spot talent. A talented worker is worth their weight in gold in today’s market. Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster and former President of Facebook, has notoriously been dubbed as an excellent headhunter for talent. The technology industry is filled with these extremely vital employees and it often takes keen eyes to find them.

If you find a talented worker, don’t let them go!


  1. Conflict Management


If there’s one thing we’re guaranteed within a workplace is that not everyone will get along. As a project manager your job is to asses both sides of any argument that arise and move forward. Pulling each worker to the side and getting a detailed description of the situation is vital for reconciliation.

Implore your team to approach you with their issues and always establish an open door policy with problems that are arising. This gives confidence to your employees that there are solutions to problems rather than keeping it hidden away.


  1. All Voices Heard

The one largest issue that individuals despise in their work environment is feeling like another cog in the machine. Express that there are multiple ways to do any particular set of tasks and explore the ideas that your staff may have.

Take what works from the suggestions and implement them in the future. This allows people to feel unique within the workplace and helps the company move forward. Plus, this also puts emphasis on critical thinking skills in your workers – a skill all executives will love!

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